Body Talk: Feet in the News

Do you wear high heel shoes, pumps, stiletto heels, platform shoes? Are you feet tired at the end of the day from walking on your toes? It could be time for a massage to release the tenderness in your foot joints, ankle and calf muscles.

Podiatrists are taking a closer look at our feet wearing high heels. Recently they have turned the CT Scan into a way to look at feet with shoes on, supporting the body while standing. These views will enable a complete understanding of the origins of foot pain. Article here with some amazing views of a normal foot in a high heel shoe:

As a massage therapist, I find this way of viewing the body fascinating. Each time I “look” at a foot with my hands, I begin to feel the restrictions around the toes, metatarsals, and ankle bones. With appropriate pressure and decompression, these restrictions release and free the bones of the foot to move more easily. Foot pain is reduced, range of motion increases as the body begins to walk with a new found ease.

Wearing comfortable, flat shoes is important for life long care of our feet. Stiletto heals may be fabulous at making women taller and slimming the look of the leg. The article goes on to say:

“Among the issues some women may develop are a shortening and tightening of the Achilles tendon, which may prohibit a woman’s ability to wear flat shoes. Tendonitis, pinched nerves, bunions, hammertoes or metatarsalgia, an inflammation of the bones in the ball of the feet, are also problems associated with the sky-high heel, explains podiatrist Jeffery Alexander, assistant professor at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.”

The next time you take off your high heels at the end of the day, only to rub your tired foot joints, think about giving me a call to schedule an appointment. We’ll reduce your pain and get you on track to wearing flats!

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