Body Talk: The Psoas Muscle

The article on the Psoas muscle came to my awareness recently. For years, I’ve understood the importance of releasing this major muscle of the body. The psoas lies along the inside of the spine and back, connecting the lumbar vertibrae and the femur. The psoas moves the hip in flexion, lifts the leg forward to take a step for walking or running. See the attached article for some amazing views of the muscle.

The psoas muscle relates to four chakras: the root chakra, the creative center, the solar plexus or power center and it reaches up towards the heart center. A mantra that I envision for this muscle is: I AM CREATIVE,  POWERFUL AND LOVING. When the body tightens up and is unwilling to walk forward, look to releasing the psoas muscle to regain your ability to step forward once more.

The Psoas: Muscle of The Soul hyperlink:

Empower yourself to create love with attention to the psoas muscle.

Peace and Gratitude,

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