Sarah-Elizabeth’s Work

Sarah-Elizabeth’s life is focused on creating peace, harmony and beauty in the world. She is a massage therapist, facilitator of Restorative Circles and leader of the Dances of Universal Peace.

In her the massage office, Sarah-Elizabeth’s role is to create space for peace between a individual and their body. Clients find her soothing touch and calming voice meets their body effectively. The experience brings them back to themselves, having released their discomfort in order to come to a more peaceful state of being. Sarah-Elizabeth first experienced Zero Balancing (ZB) in 2016, when a occupational therapy colleague offered her a session . The ZB session was transformative, releasing half of the tension and pain she’d been carrying in her body, mind and spirit at the time. When she arose from the table, Sarah-Elizabeth knew she needed to learn about the principles and practice of ZB. Certified as a Zero Balancing practitioner in the summer of 2018, she has been transitioning her massage practice to a ZB practice ever since.

In January of 2020, Sarah-Elizabeth was accepted into the 5th Zero Balancing Teacher Training. During the next two years, she studied ZB with the founder Dr. Fritz Smith, along side teachers Jim McCormick, Michael Oruch, Mary Murphy and Amanda King .

When facilitating Restorative Circles, Sarah-Elizabeth holds space for members of a community to reflect one anther, in order to understand each others feelings and needs. When everyone has been heard, there is an opportunity to offer or request something which will help resolve the hurt that was expressed. Peace comes through the Circle process, rippling out to all who might have been effected by the conflict.

As a leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, Sarah-Elizabeth shares mantras from many traditions around the world. The prayers are sung by the dancers, who move in unison together. Peace arises within the community of dancers, each touched in their own unique way by the practice.

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Restorative Circles

Restorative Circles (RC) is a community based conflict resolution process using reflective listening to create understanding among members. A facilitator holds space for people to speak, be heard and understood. This results in connection and empathy for each other.

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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a hands on healing modality created by Dr. Fritz Smith in the 1970s. ZB is a blend of Eastern and Western ideas of healing. We work with energy and structure to bring about relaxation and connection in the body, mind and spirit.

After a ZB session clients say:

“I felt so relaxed and looser after! Thank you!” ~ S. T.

“I felt lighter and that my rib cage, neck and pelvis were better aligned.” ~M. W.

“ The session was relaxing and informative. I felt muscles relaxing and loosened up. Thank you for a great experience.” ~ S. Y.

“My back had been really sore from some yard work, with 10 minutes of ZB – I was floating on air! Thank you.” ~ Pat U.

“I felt like I just had the best nights sleep, so much lighter and relaxed. Thank you!” ~ H. J.

“So incredible in a short session – I feel grounded and relaxed” ~ N. L.

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