Body Talk: Trauma

Have you recently lost a loved one? Left a long term relationship? Or ? If you answer, “Yes.” to any of these questions, you would benefit from a series of massage appointments begin to bring back joy to you life. Releasing the physical body of tension can improve your outlook on emotional issues such as grief, loss of a loved one, a relationship breakup and other stress that life throws our way.  Lyn Prashant in the article “Free the Body from Sadness” (link to full article here: writes:

“Massage, primarily intended to induce relaxation, is also powerful for stress reduction and is tremendously beneficial for the maintenance of well-being. The goal of the Degriefing process is to actually unlock blockages, which have developed in our bodies, and shift the systems to a more harmonious state. It may be helpful to explain to your massage practitioner your emotional state so that she/he can address the session with a clear intention of healing and integrating.”

When trauma is received by the body, pain often is a result. Trauma comes in many forms: physical, emotional, situational. When the stress of trauma is held for long periods of time, the body may respond by creating a holding pattern. Watch an older person walk down the street, head forward, shoulders curled or leaning sideways slightly or walking with a limp. The posture you see has been created over a lifetime of dealing with stress. Regular massage therapy addresses the physical tension in the body and invites awareness of holding patterns.  One can move more freely with awareness and let go of old holding patterns.

Massage therapy releases the tension held by the body, allowing for improved range of motion and reduction in physical pain. In addition the emotional trauma that was received during your accident is reduced by inviting your body to feel safe relaxing and moving gently into positions that may have been uncomfortable.

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