Zero Balancing (ZB) is a hands on healing modality created by Dr. Fritz Smith in the 1970s. ZB is a blend of Eastern and Western ideas of healing. We work with energy and structure to bring about relaxation and connection in the body, mind and spirit.

After a ZB session clients say:

“I felt so relaxed and looser after! Thank you!” ~ S. T.

“I felt lighter and that my rib cage, neck and pelvis were better aligned.” ~M. W.

“ The session was relaxing and informative. I felt muscles relaxing and loosened up. Thank you for a great experience.” ~ S. Y.

“My back had been really sore from some yard work, with 10 minutes of ZB – I was floating on air! Thank you.” ~ Pat U.

“I felt like I just had the best nights sleep, so much lighter and relaxed. Thank you!” ~ H. J.

“So incredible in a short session – I feel grounded and relaxed” ~ N. L.