Zero Balancing (ZB) is a gentle, hands on healing modality, which brings balance to the energy and structure of the body. The client lies on a massage table, in comfortable clothing, while the practitioner offers gentle traction and pressure to the bones and joints. A ZB session creates a calm, stable field from which you can move with ease.

To being a Zero Balancing session, you will be asked to create a frame for the session. This is a way to point us in a direction of what you would like to take a step towards as a result of the session. This frame could be about the physical body, emotions, or spirit. A frame could be what you’d like to feel like, how you would like your life to shift, or an intention for yourself. This could be a short term or longer term goal. You are in charge of you during a session.

During the ZB session you will be lying face up on a massage table wearing your own comfortable clothing. Sarah-Elizabeth will engage your energy and structure. Your bones are touched creating fulcrums, or points of pressure designed especially for your body in that moment. A protocol is followed beginning and ending with a half-moon vector from the feet. Sarah-Elizabeth will take up slack through the body, addressing the whole body with many of the points of contact. The middle and lower spine, hips and feet are attended first. Then the upper back, rib cage, shoulders, arms, neck and head are address. You will be asked if there is anything else your body would like attended before Sarah-Elizabeth closes the session. This invites you to check in with your body before you sit up. The closing sequence is designed to integrate all that has happened during your Zero Balancing session.

Once complete, you are invited to take your time before sitting or coming to standing . Often clients find themselves more connected to the Earth. They report feeling opened up and calm, ready to face life with more confidence.

Sarah-Elizabeth has practiced Zero Balancing since 2016. She is a Certified Zero Balancing practitioner and a Certified ZB Mentor. In the spring of 2022, she became a Certified Faculty member of the Zero Balancing Health Association. She will be teaching Zero Balancing Core I and Core II throughout New Hampshire in the years ahead.

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