Body Talk: Bath Time!

One day a client called to say she could not make it to her appointment the following day as she was feverish, coughing and aching all over. We rescheduled for the next week and I asked if she had a bathtub in her home. “Yes, we do,” she croaked.

“It sounds like you could really use some pain relief sooner than later. I suggest you use some epsom salt in a hot bath to relax your muscles,” I said.

“Wow! I never thought of putting myself in an epsom salt bath. We use epsom salts all the time with our horses here on the farm,” she replied, excited at the prospects. “Epsom salts help the horses when the come up lame or have leg pain.”

It was my turn to be excited. For a few years, I’d been suggesting a bath with epsom salts, magnesium sulfate, as a follow up treatment for my clients at home. Here was an application of this practice being used with animals. Since that day, I have had a number of clients who work with farm animals, such as sheep and goats, confirm that they use epsom salts for pain relief.

Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant. When my body went into pre-term labor, the MD prescribed a Mag Sulfate drip to stop contractions. As the drip began to enter my blood stream, my body relaxed and the contractions stopped, just as predicted. Turns out soaking in Magnesium Sulfate has a similar effect. The body muscles, tendons and connective tissues absorb the magnesium and relax.

So here’s a question: Have you been out doing your spring raking? Mowing the lawn or planting your garden? I know my body has enjoyed many of these activities between rain storms these past few weeks. Digging in the earth, planning for summer’s harvest is a favorite activity once the snow has melted in the Springtime Sunshine!

Find relief from the aches and pains in a hot bath with EPSOM SALTS. Soaking your body will alleviate the pain in your legs and knees, back, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. When this is not enough, call your favorite massage therapist who will assist in unwinding the aches and pains so you can garden on into the summer!

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