Body Talk: Memories and Scars

Our bodies have memories. The cells in our bodies have memories. The molecules in our bodies have memories. Scan your body in this moment for a prominent scar. Let the scar share with you it’s story. Can you feel the memory of the event that put the scar in your body? Actions that lead up to that moment, feelings around what happened, smells, sights, tastes, the people who were there may flood back into your present awareness. Take a breath in and let it out. You have not moved from your chair and yet the thinking about that scar brings a wave of emotions and thoughts.

MY SCAR, on my right leg, just to the side of my knee is from a dog, trapped in a cage raising her two puppies. She lived on a chain in that cage, free to roam outside the enclosure about 10 feet. Male dogs had come to her when she was in heat. Of the five puppies born, two survived. I remember feeling so sorry for her as I watched her with those puppies. My camera clicked a couple of pictures and she bolted out of her bed, growling from deep in her throat. I ran (adrenaline rush) as fast as I could, but not fast enough to avoid being bit. The chain pulled her back or she might have bit my leg to shreds. The emotions of that moment are entwined in the scar itself. Fear, sorrow, empathy for the dog, helplessness, heart pounding, constricted breath are all here for me as I write. Pause a moment to BREATHE now! Let the story go.

The nature of scar tissue is to hold the body in place as a wound heals. When deep scars, long scars, surgical scars or emotional scars are created in the body, restrictions are set in place. Scars in fascia (connective tissue) between muscle and layers of skin or between one organ and another can bring pain because the fluidity of the body is compromised.  Scar tissue restricts motion to allow healing and keeps on restricting motion even after healing is complete.

Emotions can cause scars to form in the body as well. As we “feed” ourselves emotions, particularly as children, the emotions of  frustration, separation, abandonment, fear, lack or anger, the body restricts itself in order to create safety. Can you feel a pattern of “duck and cover” in your body? How about “holding your own” or “suck it up?” How did you protect yourself from negative emotions as a child? What physical positions did you take on to protect yourself? These physical positions may have emotional scars attached, including memories of how it felt to be in that position and/orwhat was happening when you moved in that way or recollections of the people/place you were in that physical position.

When we allow ourselves the space to notice these scars either physically or emotionally, we begin to release on a variety of levels the injury and our attachment to the protective behavior. Layers of the physical body, emotional body, spiritual body and etheric body are layered like a series of grids one atop the other. As one of these bodies is released, the others also release.

When the physical body is touched, all other energetic systems are also effected. Guiding energy to release OUT OF THE BODY I find is key to healing and release of the attachment of the scar. As this energy is directed out through the palm of your hand, bottom of the foot or crown of the head, the energy is no longer able to bounce around inside the systems of the body. The body becomes frees itself from pain, restriction and emotional bonds.

In Gratitude and Peace,

PS: Are you ready to release the memories of the scars your body has endured, contact me to schedule an appointment. I can assist your body to release the tensions in all levels of your being. The result is balance, clarity and freedom for the journey ahead.

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