Body Talk: Hands

What are you reaching for today? What gift  do your hands hold today? Are your hands feeling creative, restive or quiet? Are your hands swollen with arthritis or tension from being over used? Are they “talking to you” via sharp pain or layers of discomfort? It may be time for a physical and energetic clearing of the hands so you are able to release from your body that which is being held in your life.

Hands connect us to one another. They are the link that draws us together, friend and stranger alike seek to connect with a hand shake. In Chinese medicine, the hands are end points of energy meridians that connect to various other parts of the body. When these end points are blocked by pain or lack of mobility, the physical body may also be effected. Gentle attention to muscles, tendons and bones of the hand may create deep relaxation throughout the body.

On a physical note, the finger joints have tendons that hold the bones together. These tendons have a tendency to get stuck or shortened over time. In my practice of hand massage, the tendons surrounding each joint of each finger are addressed. Each finger joint is gently mobilized, improving the range of motion and circulation throughout the finger and hand. The wrists and forearms are also given gentle stretches to release the tension in the muscles which control finger movement.

Following a session, your hands will feel light as a feather! Movement will be more fluid and less painful. Overall the body will feel more relaxed and stay more relaxed for days, even weeks ahead.

After a hand massage in my office, a recent client said, “Oh, wow! My pinky finger can touch my palm! That hasn’t happened in a while.”

Contact me to set up an appointment to release your hands from the bonds that bind them!

Many Blessings,

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