Body Talk: Throat

The throat and neck area is our center of expression. Each moment we choose to speak sends a wave of energy out of our bodies communicating with those around us. Emotions are vibrated out of the body as well. Joy may express in song or laughter. Sadness is expressed in crying, wailing, while choking back tears creates tightness in the throat. When anger is present in the body, the voice may get hoarse or in extreme cases manifest laryngitis.

How is your throat feeling right now? Take a moment to check in with your throat and neck. Breathe in and notice the movement in your throat. Exploring what you find with curiosity and wonder. Softness may indicate all is right with how you communicate with the world. Tension, tightness or neck pain may indicate you are holding your emotions in, blocking communication of ideas, thoughts and feelings. Have you bitten your tongue or bitten back your words lately? Holding in your ideas and thoughts backs the energy of expression into the throat area.

To clear the throat chakra you might choose to begin with creating a sound with your voice. Simply say or sing “Aaaah” brings vibration to the vocal cords and begins to loosen the thoughts and ideas stuck in the throat. Play with the tone of the sound you are making. Sing high, sing low. Sing nonsense syllables such as “Ba ba ba ba” or “Ma ma ma ma” or “Ta ta ta ta.” Notice how the sound is blocked and released creating a wave of vibration.

Taking care of the throat chakra in this gentle way, brings vibration and joy to the body. You invite the possibility of clear communication into your being.

Have a wonderful day!

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