Often I am asked the question, “What is CranioSacral Therapy?” Cranio refers to the bones of the head. Sacral refers to the tailbone. A craniosacral therapist uses the bones of the head and sacrum to release the central nervous system (CNS) creating relaxation in the body from the inside out. As the CNS relaxes, signals being sent from the brain and spinal cord can be sent more clearly and in a more relaxed way, creating relaxation throughout the entire physical body.

How does this work? Imagine for a moment a model of a skull. The lines between skull bones are zigzagged. The bones of the skull move along these lines with minimal pressure, 5 grams or less. Gentle pressure on the bones of the cranium moves the cerebrospinal fluid gently releasing restrictions. Try placing your hands above your ears, move the fingertips upward toward the sky along the

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