Body Loving: The Whole Physical Being

How does one love the body? Let me count the ways.
Through feeding and thinking,
Moving and resting,
Seeing and believing,
The whole being comes alive!

I love my body at the dining table,
Serving up a beautiful helping of green, red and blues,
Followed by a glass of cool, clear water
Or a cup of tea, filling my belly with warmth
A bit of sweet to round out the meal.

I love my mind in quiet meditation
Moments of longing to do nothing pass away
Far from comparison
Moments of being in the depths of the depths
Watch and be is all there is “to do.”

I love the freedom of movement
As I run across the meadow
Well worn path slips beneath my feet
Setting my heart pumping, lungs opening to breath
Life courses through my veins.

I love my sight through gentle eyes
The colors of all seasons arrive and
Pass along to the next moment
Being in the flow of changes
Casting love throughout (the boundaries of this or than.)

I love to believe the connection, the between
As foot releases, leg releases, hip releases, shoulder releases neck
Undulations of energy pulse through the body
Open to the possibility of each perfect moment
Unfolding in love, peace and oneness.

How does one love the body?
Listen, the body loves itself into being.

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Inspiration struck today with this poem. Enjoy!

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