Body Talk: Listening to the Body

Take a moment to sit, right now, in this moment. Invite yourself to take a breath… and another … and another breath…. Invite yourself to notice your body sitting in the chair. What sensations do you notice? Does some part of your body call your attention? As you notice this call, invite a breath to flow into that part of your body. Watch… witness… what is in this moment. Notice the sensations in this area of your being. What is happening as you breathe into that place? What shifts in your awareness? Allow yourself to notice, without judging, the sensation. Do you feel Pain? Flow? Release? Holding? Tickle? Tension? Be curious about what you find.

When we take a few moments to listen to our bodies from within, from the breath or with  attention on feeling sensation, an opening unfolds. To listen to the body may be a challenge. So often we miss the opportunity to respond to the signals sent from our body to our mind. When was the last time you stopped eating because you were full? When was the last time you got up for a walk because your legs felt like a stretch? How often do you respond to your bladder when it is full in the middle of an important meeting? All these sensations are felt because our bodies are making requests to fulfill their needs.

Invite yourself to sit and listen to your body for a few minutes each day. Listening is a practice, which allows you to unfold places of tension in the body. Listening is a practice which invites attention and response. Massage and bodywork brings support for the ability to listen more deeply to the messages being sent. In one massage session, you find the attention to breath can support all the body needs to accomplish. If I can be of service, please contact me at the link below.

In Peace and Gratitude,
Sarah-Elizabeth, MA, LMT

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