Body Talk: Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing journey. To feel life growing within your body is beyond description. Each day, each week, each month there are changes that take place within the growing belly. New life unfolds one moment at a time. And then there are all those symptoms that come along with pregnancy: achy back, swollen body, turned out hips. What is a woman to do? Seek relief with prenatal massage!

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a tremendous amount of hormonal changes to accommodate the growing baby.  Changes include loosening ligaments throughout the body, gaining weight as the baby grows and emotional shifts. First time mothers may have anxiety about the journey ahead. Second time mothers are chasing around after the first baby/toddler/child and do not always take time for themselves through their pregnancy. Prenatal massage allows a mother to take care of herself for an hour, setting down all the burdens she carries.

Prenatal massage is a gift for both mother and child. The hour away allows mother and growing baby to step away from their busy lives to connect, relax and rejuvenate for the journey ahead. Muscle tension releases throughout her body under the hand of a skilled massage therapist. She returns home with knowledge of comfortable positions for relaxation and sleep during her pregnancy. Better sleep, less discomfort and connection with her self and the baby are all part of the outcomes of a single session of prenatal massage.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage include:

First Trimester
Relieve headaches
Help alleviate morning sickness
Reduce fatigue

Second Trimester
Alleviate backaches
Relieve leg and hip pains
Increases relaxation for better sleep

Third Trimester
Reduce swelling/edema
Relieve pain
Enhance sleep
Prepare pelvic muscles for birth process

Tooting my own horn: My gentle presence is a gift for both mother and baby. I create a soothing environment for the mother-to-be and her growing baby. Guided breath work allows the pregnant mother to connect with her own body and relax with confidence into the changes going on within. My prenatal clients have reported back that they sleep more comfortably following their session, back pain was reduced and labor was a manageable experience.

If you, your friend or loved one is pregnant, give the gift of prenatal massage! Contact me at the link below to schedule an appointment. Gift certificates are available as a baby shower gift!

In Peace and Gratitude,

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