Body Talk: Lungs

Breath is life!

How are you breathing today? Really, check it out. Notice how your lungs are feeling as you breathe in and out. Check in with your body and belly as you read these words. How does your body feel when you breathe? Tight, relaxed, open, stressed, soft, flexible, tender? Do you notice any place in the belly where breath does not seem to move?

There are many ways to notice and nurture our bodies, though the lungs do the best nurturing that I know. Scan your body briefly for that place which always holds tension. For many people it is the shoulders, for others the hips or lower back, maybe for you it is your feet. Choose one spot to focus your attention on right now. As you focus on this spot, take a moment to breathe in and send this breath into the spot you have chosen. Let yourself go into this for a few cycles of breath. Exhale the tension you notice away from the body out on the breath. Let this flow continue until the area softens and then do one or two more cleansing deep full breath cycles.

Taking care of ourselves is often the last priority and yet, our breath is always with us to take care of our bodies. Remember the next time you are feeling stressed, your lungs and breath are within your capacity to assist in transformation of the current situation.

Many Blessings,

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