Body Talk: CST and the Brain

CrainioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle hands on technique which releases restrictions around the central nervous system (CNS), including the brain and spinal chord, relaxing the body from the inside out. During a CST session, the client will become quiet from within, relaxing deeply into a restful state. As the CNS releases and relaxes, the soft tissue and body holding pattern soften.

Tad Wanaveer, CST-D writes about the “6 Ways CST Facilitates Brain Health” in this article:

When restrictions in the connective tissue surrounding the brain and spinal chord are released, the body moves with more ease and confidence. As we continue to release holding patterns from the body, there is no longer a need to hold on. The body allows healing to begin, circulation improves and movement takes on a new level of ease.

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