Massage in the News: CST and Pregnancy

Have you or a family member been effected by infertility? Studies have shown that decreasing stress levels with CranioSacral Therapy can improve fertility as much as 60%. Follow this link for more information:

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle technique which relaxes the body from the inside out. Practitioner’s hands gently hold the body, listening for restrictions to movement, flow of tissue, holding the body in position after position allowing the opportunity to release tension, tightness and improve range of motion. The central nervous system releases from deep within the physical body, enabling relaxation signals to be sent throughout the body. Over all stress levels are reduced as muscles, joints and organs relax into the moment.

In my office, I encourage my clients to notice their breath bringing Oxygen into the body while inhaling, and releasing tension during exhalation. This deepens the breath and the letting go of tension brings an inner calm to the body. These simple techniques can be done at home to continue the relaxation and release of the physical body. This is a wonderful way to take care of your own being while caring for your partner or young child.

When you stress level is high, please call me to schedule an appointment: 603 365-0852 or email:

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