Reiki Reduces Anxiety

Hurricane Sandy had brought great shifting to the Earth all along the Eastern Seaboard. Our bodies are braced against the shifting sands of change. Darkened morning sky gives rise to noticeably shorter days here in Concord, NH. Shifts in the weather and short bouts of sunshine can lead to depression and anxiety issues.

“Up now, my foot, upon another year of snow,” wrote Robert Frost. But some of us are less enthusiastic about the turning of the season from fall to winter.

Even people who are normally high-energy go-getters experience anxiety and depression, especially during winter months. Research has found that those who suffer from anxiety and depression benefit significantly from the dual effects of massage and Reiki.

Reiki is a term heard often in healing circles. Reiki is Universal Life force energy, a healing modality that is believed to have the capacity to heal the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is said to be the healing touch that Jesus used to cure invalids and sick people of his time. Experienced massage therapists apply the healing energy of Reiki, for massages that relieve depression and anxiety, and bring warmth and calm to your entire well being. Reiki helps lift your spirit.

Scientific research has shown Reiki reduces depression and anxiety. In a controlled blind study, 30 college students, all presenting with moderate-acute depression and anxiety, were divided into two groups: one group received Reiki treatments, the others did not. Those in the first group gained significant benefits, including the releases of deep muscle pains, after only six weeks of 30-minute treatments. See this article for more:

“Results of the research showed that the students with high levels of anxiety, depression or both demonstrated a greater overall improvement in mood and stress levels, with no similar benefits found in the “high-mood” control group. These significant improvements were still in effect five weeks after the final Reiki session.”

With every session of therapeutic massage on my table you will receive Reiki.  When you are ready to release the physical tension brought on by depression and/or anxiety, call to schedule an appointment. You will arise centered, relaxed and ready to step into your life once more.

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Many Blessings to you in these days of Autumn Crisp,

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