Body Talk: Breath

When did you last listen to your breath?

Pause a moment to listen right now. As you read this, take a breath in, noticing, only noticing how your breath moves into and out of your body. As you focus on your breath, what do you notice? How does it feel to expand your breath into your belly? What does it feel like to press the air out of your belly and lungs? Do you feel the need to hold your breath in… or out? Notice… notice… notice…

Breath is a gift that brings us the life giving Oxygen.  Breath connects us to the cycle of life! The lungs bring Oxygen into the body and release Carbon Dioxide out of our bodies. This exchange happens without the control our conscious mind. We breathe while sleeping, eating, running, playing, reading, writing, no matter what our daily activities are the breath is always there supporting our physical being.

Taking a few moments each day to check in with your breath, opens the door to noticing and nurturing your physical body. The practice of breathing in love and out peace connects one’s energetic bodies to the breath, breathing life into the emotional and etheric bodies.

Recently I heard a discussion with Dr. Judith Kravitz,, an expert in breath work. As Dr. Kravitz shared that various types of breathing indicate how the body is holding of flowing energetically. As with our palms and feet, the lungs reflect the health and well being throughout our body. My monkey mind is playing with this idea of breathing fully, deeply into every part of my being. Noticing the tension in my belly allows me to make a choice to sit with myself as I breathe. Clearing energy from areas where the flow is blocked, softens the physical body and releases the energetic bodies.

When you are having difficulty breathing in your life, seek assistance in the process of unfolding your breath. I’d be glad to help you in a bodywork session, focusing on the breath and it’s nurturing, nourishing qualities it brings to your body, mind and Spirit. Releasing the physical body restrictions around the breath allows the body to receive subsequent breaths more fully.

In Gratitude and Peace,
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