Sarah-Elizabeth MA, LMT

Sarah-Elizabeth is a Certified Zero Balancing (ZB) practitioner. ZB is a hands on healing modality which addresses the bones and brings conscious awareness to the structure and energy of the body. When a fulcrum is placed into a bone, the body has an opportunity release tension and to reorganize around the new awareness of itself.

Sarah-Elizabeth’s touch brings comfort and relaxation from the first moment you are on her table. Her hands are experienced in finding the tension, pain or tenderness in your body. As she follows the Zero Balancing protocol, your body will gently settle into stillness and peace, releasing held tension in each area that is addressed. Following your session with Sarah-Elizabeth, you will feel an increase in connected, grounded, well-being throughout your body, mind and spirit.

In 2020, Sarah-Elizabeth is participating two programs offered by the Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA). The Mentor Advancement Program, a program to support Certified ZBers in mentoring students of ZB through the certification process, assist faculty in teaching ZB and to support the ZBHA. She is also a member of the fifth Zero Balancing Teacher Training program (TT5). Sarah-Elizabeth will be offering “Introductions to Zero Balancing,” sharing the underlying science of ZB with clients, massage therapists, OTs and PTs. Check her schedule to register.

Sarah-Elizabeth received her license as a massage therapist in 1998. She holds a MA in Science Education from Teachers College of Columbia University and a BA from the University of Chicago.