I first visited Sarah–Elizabeth for massage, simply because I needed a massage. My first massage with her, was terrific! I went home and slept deeply.

A week later I was feeling better, but still having problems. With a history of a couple of fractured vertebrae, and multiple rear end collisions in the 90s, my back has been a problem for years. Since 1981, I have visited a chiropractor on nearly a weekly basis to reduce the pain level in my back.

After my second massage with Sarah-Elizabeth, she suggested we try something called Zero Balancing. I was game, when she explained it, it made sense to me. OMG!!! – the best thing ever! Since I started Zero Balancing with Sarah-Elizabeth, I have been able to sleep better, walk better, sit at my computer for a full day, and I feel terrific. Her healing hands have enabled me to not visit my chiropractor on a regular basis for the first time ever. I recommend her for those with stubborn problems or even anyone that needs help staying balanced.
~     Richie O.

After a few unsuccessful treatments from a chiropractor for my back and hip pain, I made an appointment to get a prenatal massage from Sarah-Elizabeth. At the time I was not getting much sleep due to hip pain and could barely walk due to the back aches. After my first appointment with Sarah-Elizabeth I saw a dramatic difference immediately. She relieved my pain and in turn I was able to get back to sleep and walk normally again. It has been four weeks since my last appointment and I am still feeling great. I highly recommend her massages to any expectant mother!
~     Jennifer Morris

Thank you again for the amazing journey and healing you took me on Thursday morning. It was lightening and enlightening, and really lifted me up. You are so gifted, it’s a privilege to be your client.
~     Cammy N.

I have been to many massage therapists and certainly can say without hesitation that you are the best! Since my return from a 14 month deployment to Iraq in 2005, I have been suffering from severe back pain. You did a wonderful job releasing tight areas on my shoulder, neck and back. Immediately upon getting up from the table I felt better. I highly recommend your service, particularly for veterans who suffer from back and body issues.
~     Ana M.

I first went to Sarah-Elizabeth’s massage table when I had pain and tightness in my back which began to impact my day to day life. I left Sarah-Elizabeth’s office feeling refreshed and limber. The pain was relieved and I returned to my normal exercise routine. I recommend Sarah-Elizabeth’s massage work for people who enjoy living an active lifestyle and may be feeling limited by nagging injuries or a restricted range of motion.
~     James D.

I thank you for your heavenly massage. I always leave your table feeling relaxed and pain-free. I can see the benefit of seeing you for massage to keep my body aligned for maximum health and pain free days!
~     Angela M.

I appreciated the time Sarah-Elizabeth took to work on the specific problem I was facing, rather than following a simple routine to relax me. She was fully engaged in trying to loosen up the joined in my hips and lower back. True therapy.
~     Jason T.

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